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The Freshest Denver Christmas Trees

Below you will find the premium species of trees we carry at our tree lots. Our quality, freshness and selection is incredible!

Unlike the box stores all of our trees are Premium #1 grade trees. Yes there is a difference! Our trees are freshly cut just days before they are delivered to us. Not only are our trees fresher, they are graded for superior quality shape, consistent color and uniform density.

We take great care in the handling of our trees too. They are always kept cool and out of direct sunlight until displayed. They are always carefully carried, never dragged. Then unbaled and displayed with a 360 degree view. Never stuffed in a bin or leaned. We will always give your tree a fresh cut on the bottom so it can drink water and preserve its freshness.

Our Products
We offer only the finest farm fresh Denver Christmas Trees, wreaths, and accessories. Fresh merchandise arrives daily. We will give your tree a fresh cut, bale it, and tie it on your car for FREE.

Noble Fir
A Noble Fir Christmas tree has green greyish needles that often appear silver. It has long been considered the Cadillac of the Christmas tree family because of its beauty, stiff branches and long needle retention. The tree has a rounded crown and symmetrical shape. Grown in Oregon!

Fraser Fir
The Fraser Fir is an elegant tree. Its fragrance, natural shape, strong branches, unique two-tone coloring and ability to retain its needles throughout the Holiday season make it an excellent choice. Grown in Michigan or North Carolina!

Nordman Fir
Nordman Fir Christmas trees have dark green glossy needles and dense foliage. The Nordman fir has excellent needle retention qualities and can be compared to the Noble fir but are not quite as symmetrical and tend to have a little more character. Grown in Oregon!

Grand Fir
Grand Fir Christmas trees are often chosen because of their unique beauty and absolutely wonderful scent. They are beautiful, thick foliaged trees that attain their shape early and have lustrous, shiny, dark green needles. The needles are blunt and notched on the end with two white bands on the lower surface. This gives the tree a “silvery” appearance. Grown in Michigan!

Balsam Fir
Dark green and fragrant foliage. Soft needles and a straight stem. Excellent needle retention and pleasing fragrance. Grown in Michigan!

Douglas Fir
Soft needles and sweetly fragranced with blue green foliage. Needle structure radiates in all direction and has excellent retention.

Fraser/Balsam Cross Fir
Simply the best of both! The scent of the Balsam with the durability of the Fraser. Dark green and fragrant foliage. Two-tone coloring and long needle retention.

White Pine
Very soft with bluish-green, long needles and excellent needle retention. Dense and bushy, with an elegant, symmetrical shape.

Scotch Pine
Traditional favorite with strong branches, bright green, medium length needles.

Black Hill Spruce
Attractive bluish foliage. Needle color can be blue-green to “Shiner” silvery blue. Stiff, strong branches and pyramidal shape.