As a family-owned business in Denver, Colorado that prides itself in providing top-quality trees that stay fresh from farm to harvest and beyond in your home, we’re here to provide tips in caring and keeping it looking farm-fresh as long as possible! By following our tips below, you can expect a strong, healthy tree to typically last 4-6 weeks, bringing the holiday spirit and aroma of terpenes (that fresh, crisp pine smell we all love) all season long.

The first step to guaranteeing a healthy-looking tree is a fresh cut from us here at our Denver lot. Our dedication to you is to ensure 48 hours from our quality-committed farmers in Oregon and Michigan to our Christmas tree store in Denver. (Check out our next blog post to see why purchasing from us here in Denver vs. a big retailer makes a huge difference in how long your tree will last!) Once your tree is in your home, choose a cool-temperature location away from heat sources like fireplaces, vents, or space heaters in order to keep it from drying out. Denver, CO is known for its sunny, dry climate, so keep your tree distant from direct sunlight and south-facing windows as well. When it comes to decor, consider LED lights (light-emitting diodes) that are energy efficient, use 33% less power, stay cool (reducing fire risk for your tree), last longer than incandescent bulbs, and are more environmentally friendly! Keeping it cool is key to allowing your tree to show off its splendor throughout the entire season.

One question we are often asked by our customers at our Denver, CO location is how much water their Christmas tree will need each day. Our fresh-cut Christmas trees will require at least one gallon per day for the first seven days in your home. The larger the tree, the more water it will need. Remember that Denver, CO is a very dry climate! Be sure to pick a tree stand that can adequately provide the amount of water needed to stay hydrated. As a rule of thumb, measure your tree’s stem diameter. For each inch of the diameter, your tree will require one quart of water. This means that for a 6-7-foot tree, it will need about one gallon of water per day. For larger Christmas trees running 7-8-feet tall, it will need closer to 1.5 gallons of water per day. An appropriately-sized tank will aid in less maintenance and prolong the life of the tree. Be sure to check on it daily and keep the stem completely submerged. If the room the tree is in is very dry thanks to Denver, CO’s lack of humidity, consider a humidifier to keep your tree as hydrated as possible and looking its best throughout the season!

Next, applying a Christmas tree preservative is key to keeping your tree as healthy as possible. We highly recommend ‘Keeps-it-Green Tree Preservative’. A 4-week test was conducted by Washington State University in comparing tree preservatives, and this particular preservative came out on top as being the second best to water alone. ‘Keeps-it-Green’ reduces fire danger, prolongs Christmas tree freshness, delays needle drop, and extends the life of the tree. If you are going to use a preservative, keep pets from drinking Christmas tree water by covering your tank.

Finally, don’t believe every wives’ tale you hear! Tricks such as aspirin, sugar, Mountain Dew, using hot water in the tank, or drilling a hole in the stem have not been proven to work in keeping Christmas trees healthy. The same goes for glycerin, corn syrup, and bleach–we have heard it all, but in our experience, it’s better to skip and stick to what works. In fact, many of those tricks may aid in drying out your tree more quickly.

Be sure to check out our next blog post on why purchasing from independent tree retailers like us here in Denver, CO is important! From all of us at Neighborhood Christmas Tree Co. in Denver, CO, we wish you a happy, safe holiday season!