Here at Neighborhood Christmas Tree Co. in Denver, CO, you can expect the very best! Our recent blog post discusses why buying from an independent premium retailer like us vs. a big-box store is important (be sure to check it out!). This factors into the variety that you can select from, as well as the species of Christmas tree available for you to purchase. Thanks to our partnership with experienced, family-owned Christmas tree farms in Oregon and Michigan, we are able to ensure that in Denver, our customers have access to more variety of Christmas tree species than they would typically find at a big retailer. These tree species are hard to find from the 45-55 species of conifers worldwide. They are also the species we find to be most elegant, beautiful, and healthy in all of Denver.

Many retailers in the Denver area offer Eastern White Pine, Douglas Firs, and Norway Spruce tree species. While these trees are beautiful, they are not always the best choice for your home. The Eastern White Pine, for example, flexes under the weight of ornaments and lights, creating a very unwanted droopy look. Douglas Firs are a common variety offered at big-box retailers, but when sheared into the desired conical shape, the trees are left with too little space between branches for hanging decorations. Norway Spruce trees do not hold their needles well and are not recommended for purchase (even by the stores offering them!) any earlier than one week before Dec. 25th. Our wish at Neighborhood Christmas Tree Co. in Denver is that you are provided with the best fresh Christmas trees that will last from Thanksgiving and on through the holiday season.

Our lot in Denver, CO offers our top 4 tree species that, in our experience at Neighborhood Christmas Tree Co., we consider the best:

Noble Fir: A Noble Fir Christmas tree has gray-green needles that often appear silver. It has long been considered in all of Denver the ‘Cadillac’ of the Christmas tree family because of its beauty, stiff branches and long needle retention. We personally chose this type of tree because of its reputation for lasting–so much so, that 25-30% of the U.S.’ wreaths and garland are made from them! Noble Firs are identified by a rounded crown and symmetrical shape. A cool fact about this species is that in the wild, they grow over 200 feet tall! Grown in Oregon and found at our store here in Denver, CO!

Fraser Fir: The Fraser Fir is an elegant Christmas tree. Its fragrance, natural shape, strong branches, unique two-tone coloring and ability to retain its needles throughout the Holiday season make it an excellent choice. One thing we here in Denver love about this species is that its needles make it softer than many other evergreens. Grown in Michigan and found at our store here in Denver, CO! Nordmann Fir: Nordmann Fir Christmas trees have dark green glossy needles and dense foliage. This species of fir has excellent needle retention qualities and can be compared to the Noble fir, but are not quite as symmetrical and tend to have a little more character. We like that the needles are not sharp on this species, and they don’t fall immediately when dried out. Grown in Oregon and found at our store here in Denver, CO!

Grand Fir: Grand Fir Christmas trees are often chosen because of their unique beauty and absolutely wonderful scent. They are beautiful, thick foliage trees that attain their shape early and have lustrous, shiny, dark green needles. The needles are blunt and notched on the end with two white bands on the lower surface. This gives the tree a “silvery” appearance. The branches appear flattened because of their arrangement of the twigs. We like this tree because it is both strong and lightweight. A few interesting acts about Grand Firs is that they grow to over 300 feet in the wild and have been used for everything from medicinal teas for colds to anti-balding serums and deodorant! Grown in Michigan and found at our store here in Denver, CO!