The big, bold beautiful answer to this is, “NO”! When you purchase your Christmas tree from an independent premium tree retailer like us here at Denver’s Neighborhood Christmas Tree Co. vs. a big retailer, there is much more control over the harvest and shipping dates. This ensures fresh farm-cut Christmas trees that arrive at our store in Denver no later than 48 hours from the time they are cut.

Big-box stores and vendors have Christmas trees cut weeks in advance in order to supply their demand, many times as much as 4 weeks ahead of when they are scheduled to arrive at the store! All of this trickles down from the big chain into your home as the life
expectancy of your Christmas tree begins once it has been cut. We here at Neighborhood Christmas Tree Co. in Denver recommend a few tips to test this theory and ensure you are getting the freshest tree available. First, at Neighborhood Christmas Tree Co. in Denver, you will find our Christmas trees are healthy and strong. Secondly, check the base for stickiness as sap begins to run when it is cut. If it is sticky, it is definitely fresh and has a long life ahead!

When at our Denver location, feel free to pick the tree up and bang it on the ground. While at a large retailer, you will find that an alarming amount of needles will fall out when this happens. This is because the life of the Christmas tree is limited once it has been harvested, and you can guarantee the same will continue at your home as soon as you put it up. Trust us here in Denver with your tree, and you will have a beautiful, fresh fir tree that you can rely on all season long.

Another great thing about purchasing from Neighborhood Christmas Tree Co. in Denver, CO as a premium, independent retailer is that by shopping with us, you are supporting farmers rather than large corporations. This ensures that you are getting your tree from detail-oriented farmers who work diligently to provide fresh quality trees straight to our store in Denver in two days or less! Christmas tree farms are also crucial for the environment in that they eliminate wild tree harvesting which can endanger and deplete precious forests.

Our quality Christmas trees here in Denver, CO come from the very best farmers in Michigan and Oregan, who reliably ship to our lots within 48 hours of harvest. Our tree farms located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, as well as in the beautiful hills of Northwest Michigan, are both family-owned for over 30 years and have been awarded the highest ‘U.S. Standards for Grades of Christmas Trees’! This is important to us as a business and means that not only do they meet the U.S. standards, but they exceed them in terms of freshness, No. 1 grade, premium, and select trees. (Be sure to check out our blog post on selection, variety, and how to tell that you are receiving the very best from Neighborhood Christmas Tree Co. in Denver!)